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Importance of Facebook Ads in E-commerce

As a modern social media marketing agency, I know how easy it is to get caught up in the hustle and bustle of what all other marketers do; Whether you’re creating videos, blogging, email marketing, search marketing, SEO, list rental, guerilla marketing or even cold prospecting your prospects, the options are endless. Advertising is one of the most critical aspects of running your e-commerce store. Unfortunately, for many, it also tends to be one of the most elusive and hard-to-understand pieces.

The reality is that we cannot do everything. We must choose the channels in which to put our heart and our soul because if we devote a fraction of effort to each platform, the chances of a successful return become slim.

Do not believe me? Discover four reasons why you should promote Facebook ads.

Your Audience Is on Facebook

Facebook has a larger user base than the population of China! With 1.49 billion members worldwide and 22 billion clicks per year, Facebook offers businesses the greatest advertising opportunity since research. So yes, your audience is somewhere, it’s just about finding them.

Facebook Ads Are Cheap

Seriously, they are practically free! Not quite. In fact, the reason you have to advertise is that taking advantage of the organic activity on your business page does not work. On the positive side, Facebook ads tend to cost a fraction of those of other online marketing channels.

Facebook’s Targeting Capabilities Are Exceptional

With tons of different types of ads, like video ads, the level of granularity that you can get with Facebook’s targeting features is inconceivable to me, which social media marketing company can look for it.

Facebook Allows You to Easily Find New Qualified Prospects

Once you have found an audience that is converting like crazy, you can clone it. I am not joking! The feature is called likable audience where you can bring a personalized audience and Facebook will reach new people who are similar to this audience and therefore likely to be interested in your business.

How to set up Facebook ads

Now let’s see how you can set up Facebook ads that will increase your sales.

Before you begin, you must decide how you will measure success.

• Do you want to increase income?

• Are you looking to increase sales of a specific product?

• Do you want to create brand awareness by getting the most impressions on your page?

Once you have an idea of ​​the purpose of your campaign, you need to ask yourself who your ideal clients are. I hope you have already identified and segmented your target audience. Start by creating buyer personas.

Importance of Facebook Ads

1. Helps to Use Multi-Product Ads

As its name suggests, multi-product ads will allow you to present multiple products simultaneously on Facebook.

• This type of ad can help drive conversions because the more a potential customer can see products, the more likely the customer will click on an ad.

• It can be used to present the different functionalities of a product.

• This gives more options to customers.

  • Package Offers

This is an essential step, regardless of the type of platform you use for your ads. But it is also extremely effective as one of the ways to use Facebook ads for e-commerce. People love discounts and those who are not actively looking for the product you are selling are likely to buy it because of a discount offer.

3. Improve Your Brand Identity

Incorporate your brand as much as possible into your social content to enhance your brand identity. This is how your brand, your company, and your products will be known and perceived by customers. Once you have created a strong identity for your brand, users will recognize it instantly.


The possibilities with Facebook ads are unlimited like your creativity. Follow these tips to get you started in the right direction. Remember, however, that you must constantly modify and test your ads to maximize results.

Do not forget that Facebook is the largest online platform in the world where you can connect to your market and your audience. It’s worth your time and money to invest in it.

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