Best Summer Fashion Hack For The Men By Big Fashion Mall

Best summer fashion hack for the men

Knowing how to dress and dress well is becoming very important among men, knowing how to combine colors or knowing how to choose a good outfit, makes them seem much more interesting and attractive, since it begins to be something essential depending on the circumstances of the moment. No matter what body you have, there is always a look or a line that will sit great on you, making you a fashion representative.


Men like to update, have a modern look and a way of dressing that makes us feel good. Depending on the appearance of each one, whether you are slim or bulky, there will be clothes that fit you well and others that you should not even look at.

And for the boys with fewer wingspans, they can easily play with the volumes in the garments, straight pants suit them so as not to exaggerate the figure, skinny pants are prohibited, because it will make you look slimmer. When choosing a suit, keep in mind the length, lest it seems that it is too big for you.

And for bodies with more volume, vertical lines suit them as they stylize. The pants that best suit you are the high-waisted pants, which provide linearity. The clothes that suit you best are the neutral colors, not bright colors.

On the other hand, regardless of whether you know what to wear depending on whether you are thin or thicker, you can choose between different options that are determined by seasonal trends.

In this way, you can choose between bomber jackets, denim jackets, classic-style coats , as well as turtlenecks, denim or check shirts, and of course not torn jeans and the use of baggy pants .

Let us now see in more detail what is going to wear in the new fashion of Spring Summer 2020 and what you can not miss.

Best fashion hack for men for this summer

Coats and jackets

We start with the quintessential jacket in this new season, which will be none other than the bomber jacket, as we discuss later. You cannot miss it because it already sweeps and combines with all kinds of fashion style.

On the other hand, you have to pay attention to what are jackets, coats and jackets with shearling details on the neck, a trend that took a long time a few years ago and that returns strongly this Spring Summer 2020.


As for shirts, those of the style will devastate although the truth is that if you find any model with a camouflage print, we advise you to buy it since this is one of the most fashionable prints in Spring Summer 2020. Nor can you miss the plaid shirts, which we will mention later as one of the basic trends of the new season.


If it is the pants we are talking about, you cannot miss the “ripped” jeans; that is, the broken jeans that have been worn so much during Spring Summer 2020 and that will be worn again in the new season.

Although the most fashionable pants for the new Spring Summer 2020  will be those of a sporty style, of the “baggy” type that also already have designs that allow you to wear them as if they were practically, dress pants.


The bomber still fashionable. A classic eighties model that is reinvented with new fabrics and designs, but maintaining its essential characteristics, such as a short zip jacket with elastic cuffs and hems.

Gray is the New Black

‘Gray is the New Black’ or so dictates the catwalks. Gray has replaced black in all its versions. With a very avant-garde design and combining it with very dark tones. Tailored blazer that mix various fabrics, pleated pants and custom shirts.

Cotton pants

Cotton pants, the Chinese type or more dress, are essential for those occasions when you want to look better than with jeans. It is better to buy a couple of shades like navy blue or cream color, and you will see how the possibilities with them are endless.

How to dress well – tips and tricks

Why not say it, we men love to dress well, have a current and modern look. Friends of mine and many women have asked me what are the most important style secrets, with the aim of seeking help from their boyfriends, brothers, children, friends and even husbands. The better you feel in the clothes you wear, the more confidence you will have in yourself and, consequently, the more opportunities you will have both in your personal life and in your professional life.

The first step that we must be clear to dress well is to take into account our body type and secondly, our lifestyle. It is not the same to dress a tall person as a short one, a plump person than a thin person. For example, a suit will look much better on a slim, short-waisted man, or an English collar shirt is perfect for men with round faces.

You must dress according to your age

Shirts or T-shirts with jeans are basic for men of all kinds, but as you get older it is essential to know what there are things that are better to leave in the closet. If you are already over 40, leave the shirts aside and if you want to be able to say that you dress well, start using shirts (some basic ones such as white or navy blue), and other types of pants, whether Chinese, or even dress pants, and it won’t hurt to put on shoes more often.

Neutral tones: On the other hand, it is good to use garments in neutral tones, such as black, brown, gray, etc … which you can get the best out of if you want to hide your kilo. Now it is not recommended that you fill up on clothes and capes if it is not necessary (for example in winter) if you do not want to look even wider.

 In addition, it will be essential that you keep in mind some clear ideas about what we have to do when it comes to choosing a certain type of clothing for each occasion and something important that few men value: how clothing should be successfully combined. Sometimes it is not just a matter of wearing a good suit, but we have to know how to wear it and above all what tones and how to combine better.

Now let’s see some tips that seem basic to start learning how to dress well. Next, we are going to teach you how to dress according to your body type. In addition you should always take into account the colors that can look good based on the latest trends.

Fashion is not only to wear the most beautiful of each season; it is to be comfortable with what you are wearing. Forget what they say that to be handsome you have to suffer, only then can you wear a suit, or a more informal “look” with style.

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